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A warning broadcasted in 1965, sadly comes true 53 years later

It was Paul Harvey who made an accurate speech in 1965 that has become a reality today. Paul Harvey was a famous American news commentator who reached a peak in his career with over 24 million listeners at his time. The speech was broadcasted by ABC Radio on the 3rd of April 1965. Paul Harvey […]

Texas is going to start teaching cursive writing in schools again

Most school districts in Texas don’t currently teach cursive writing. But that’s about to change. This fall, Texas public school second-graders will start learning the penmanship style, once abandoned by many classrooms, according to reports. Sadly, cursive writing is a lost art, with many states no longer requiring it to be taught to students. But things may be changing because American schools are slowly reintroducing cursive instruction. […]

18 Useful Signs That Will Help You Understand Your Baby Before They Can Speak

Until your child is at an age where they can speak, communication can be difficult and might feel daunting or downright impossible. Perhaps one of the most frustrating things parents experience is trying to understand what message their baby’s behavior is trying to convey. But maybe understanding what your baby needs or wants isn’t as impossible as it […]

Mother Claims Parents Should Not Change Their Baby’s Diapers Without Consent

Do you tickle your child? Do you make sure to ask for their permission before you tickle them? This is what one mother has brought to the table for discussion. Lottie Daley, mother and good friend of comedian Russell Brand, recently appeared on the ‘This Morning’ TV show to talk about this topic. Lottie talks of how […]

He lost his parents, then he became homeless. Now he’s a high school graduate.

High school is a difficult time for many teens. Between the homework, college applications, friendships, relationships, and everything else associated with being a teen, it’s rough. After losing both of his parents, and their home, Kaustov Chakrabarti struggled. In fact, he struggled so much that he almost considered dropping out, but thanks to a mentor […]