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Baked Beef Spaghetti: A Delicious And Easy To Prepare Dish

Pasta is a comforting and welcome food at the table. Spaghetti is the most loved pasta of all. It’s easy to have fun with it, but it can also be messy. This is why I love baking spaghetti. This delicious dish is baked in the oven, then cut like a pie. Instead of long noodles that are difficult […]

Greek Chicken Skewers (with Tzatziki)

Greek Chicken Skewers (with Tzatziki)

This is a delicious and fresh recipe that you can use on your grill. Because I am passionate about trying new recipes, I only make a few. This is one of those. These Greek Chicken Skewers are a not-totally-traditional take on Chicken Souvlaki, with a mint-forward tzatziki that comes pretty close to stealing the show. They are delicious […]

Cucumber Cream Cheese Crack Dip – A Delicious, No Cook Appetizer

Cucumber Cream Cheese Crack Dip

It’s just as good for breakfast as it is for a party! Chips and dip are a huge favorite of ours – it’s not surprising that we love chips and dip for any occasion. We recently discovered that cucumber cream cheese crack dip is our new favorite. This cream cheese spread is packed with fresh cucumbers […]

Chicken Little Casserole: A Favorite Dish From Childhood

My favorite part is the gravy! There are so many comforting recipes that you can never have enough of, so make sure to pay attention to this one and add it to your repertoire. Little Hen casserole (also known as Chicken Little casserole) is a powerful meal that covers all the meat and potatoes. This means […]