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Skinny Strawberries and Cream Stuffed French Toast

Skinny Strawberries and Cream Stuffed French Toast

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8 slices whole wheat bread or multi-grain bread, I used Milton’s Multi-Grain bread, see shopping tip

4 tablespoons reduced-fat whipped cream cheese, see shopping tip

8 teaspoons reduced sugar strawberry preserves, see shopping tip

1 cup fresh strawberries, sliced thin

6 egg whites

1½ teaspoons vanilla extract

4 teaspoons reduced-fat butter or Smart Balance Light spread

8 teaspoons powdered sugar

Strawberries slices for garnish


1. On one side of 4 slices of bread spread with 1 tablespoon cream cheese. Next, on top of cream cheese, spread each with 2 teaspoons strawberry preserves. Place ¼ cup strawberry slices on each. Top each with the remaining slice of bread to make a sandwich.

2. In a shallow bowl or pie plate, beat egg whites and vanilla.

3. Dip 2 sandwiches into the egg mixture, making sure to coat both sides.

4. Coat a large nonstick pan with cooking spray. Melt 2 teaspoons reduced-fat butter and swirl around bottom of pan. Add 2 sandwiches, cook about 3 minutes on medium-high heat until golden. Turn over and cook the undersides for about 2 minutes, until golden brown. Place cooked sandwiches on a baking sheet and keep warm in oven while cooking the other 2 sandwiches.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 with 2 remaining sandwiches.

6. Transfer each sandwich to a plate. Cut each in half and sprinkle with 2 teaspoons powdered sugar and garnish with strawberry slices.

7. Serve immediately with a fork and knife. Enjoy!

Makes 4 servings (each serving, 1 full sandwich)

Nutrition Facts

for 1 serving (1 full sandwich)
348 calories
6g fat
0g sat fat
0mg chol
20g protein
58g carbs
7g fiber
460mg sodium
22g sugar

SmartPoints value : 11

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