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Easy Cinnamon Roll Bread

Easy Cinnamon Roll Bread

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Cinnamon rolls are a new dessert, which is a fast, sweet pastry that has the distinct taste of cinnamon, and can be served as desserts such as bites, apple tart, cheesecake desserts, and cinnamon cake.


Dough ingredients:

° 3 cups flour

° ¾ cup of liquid milk

° Half a cup of oil

° A small spoon of baking powder

° A tablespoon of yeast

Filling ingredients:

° A cup of fine sugar

° cinnamon

° raisin

° ½ cup liquid butter

° Unsalted roasted nuts (almonds, pistachios, walnuts)

How to make cinnamon rolls:

In a deep bowl, mix only 2 cups of flour, yeast and baking powder well

In another bowl, mix the oil and milk, then add half of the milk mixture to the flour mixture and knead, then add cup of flour and a little of the milk mixture and continue to knead

Add the rest of the flour and the remainder of the milk mixture and re-knead until you reach the appropriate consistency and leave the dough for a while.

After the dough is fermented, roll it with the rolling pin in a rectangular shape, brush it with liquid butter, then sprinkle it with fine sugar and cinnamon, and put all the nuts and raisins on it.

Roll the dough into a Swissroll shape, then cut each piece 2 cm wide

Grease the tray with butter and stack the dough pieces and put them in a hot oven at a temperature of 190 degrees and leave them until they are done

Water the rolls by diameter and serve


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