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Crescent cheese danishes recipe

Crescent cheese danishes recipe

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The easiest way to drench with simple ingredients and great taste

Danish components :

° Of puff pastry squares 1 package

° 1 egg white

° Water 2 tbsp

° Apricot jam half a cup

Filling ingredients:

° Cream cheese 1 cup

° 1 egg yolk

° Sugar 4 tablespoons

° Liquid vanilla 1 tsp

° Pinch salt

Icing ingredients:

° Powdered sugar a quarter cup

° Liquid vanilla half a teaspoon

° Milk 2 tbsp

How to prepare :

Preheat oven to a temperature above average , and spread two flat trays with parchment paper.

Place cream cheese and sugar in a deep bowl, and beat for a minute with an electric beater on a high speed.

Add egg yolk, vanilla and salt to the cheese, and beat the ingredients together until it becomes a smooth and homogeneous mixture, then leave it aside until needed.

Roll out puff pastry squares  in baking trays on parchment paper.

You can use a large roll of dough and cut it into equal squares, after rolling the dough on a table spread with flour.

Beat the egg white with two tablespoons of water well, and brush the dough squares with it.

Place a tablespoon of cream cheese filling in the middle of the dough square, fold the edges of the dough square over the filling, and stick together with a little bit of the egg white mixture so that the filling is covered as closely as possible.

Brush the top of the dessh with the egg mixture, then bake for 25 to 30 minutes, or until the dough has a golden color.

Take the danish out of the oven, transfer to a cooling net and leave to cool down.

Put the apricot jam and a spoonful of water in a small saucepan over a low heat, and stir the jam until completely runny.

To paint the top of the dish’s units with a liquid jam mixture, using a brush.

Put all the icing ingredients in a small bowl, and beat well with a fork until they merge together and become a smooth mixture.

Using a fork, spread the icing mixture over the danish units.

Leave for minutes to dry, then stack it in a serving dish and serve


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