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Southern Smothered Pork Chops

Comfort food in one skillet Although pork chops and applesauce are fine, pairing your pork chops with a salty-savoury, slightly creamy gravy is a great idea. It sounds incredible, and it is. But I forgot to mention that the pork chops are also lightly pan-fried, so the outside is crispy and the inside is juicy. […]

Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Balsamic Honey Glaze

This tender, juicy pork tenderloin is delicious! This one is a favorite of ours and we rarely have any leftovers. Prep: 10 mins Cook: 40 mins Additional: 5 mins Total: 55 mins Servings: 8 Yield: 8 servings

Honey Garlic Boneless Chops That Will Never Be Boring

These boneless pork chops make a great weeknight dinner that your entire family will love. These pork chops are both sweet and savory. It reminds us of Teriyaki sauce, but it is not as sweet. The edges of the pork chops are caramelized by broiling them under the broiler. Cook time: 40 Min Prep time: 10 Min Serves: […]

A Delightful Irish Recipe: Dublin Coddle

This traditional Irish dish is a wonderful way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Dublin coddle is a hearty Irish dish that was first popularized in the 1700s. It originated in Dublin. The wife of a city could let it simmer on the hearth while she went about her day, knowing that her husband would be home […]


These “Texas twinkies”, which were first named by Hutchins, McKinney TX, became famous. We have all been making pepper stuffing with cheese and meat for as long time as we can. This version is made with whole extra-large peppers, stuffed with delicious smoked Brisket, wrapped in thick bacon and smoked to perfection. As usual, I have added […]

Brown Sugar Pineapple Baked Ham – Absolutely Divine

This is a simple, sweet and tangy main course for special occasions. Honey baked Ham is my favorite. It’s not the one you make, but the one you buy in a catalogue or get from a specific store. THE Honey Baked Ham. It’s nice to try new things every now and again, so I suggested that they […]

Spinach Quiche: The Perfect Breakfast Recipe

This is one of the best spinach quiche recipes I have ever had. It usually takes me a lot of effort to make a quiche from scratch, but this recipe needs minimal effort. You can also easily reheat this leftovers as a breakfast item or even a lunch item. The perfect combination of flavours in […]

Dump and Bake Fried Rice

Dump and Bake Fried Rice

When you are in a rush and need a quick dinner, you might think of fried rice as your takeout staple. But it’s actually also very easy to make at home. You can do this in a wok or in a skillet. This Dump and Bake method makes cooking so much easier because everything comes […]