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Our favorite tailgating dip is the cheddar, bacon ranch dip. This is a simple recipe that you can make at home and it’s a favorite of our tailgating parties. This is known as CRACK Dip. It’s addictive! The name of this dip was accidental. This was made for the Titans football game last season. It was a huge hit at the […]


This idea was floating around Facebook this summer, and I was intrigued! Slow-cooked Velveeta cheese on the grill. It’s a combination of my love for queso, and my love for grilling so I was eager to try it. O-M-YUM! It was absolutely delicious. The wood chips added tons of smokey flavor to the dish. This was also a lot fun to make. This recipe […]


Killer Bean Dip only 5 Ingredients! Refried beans, hamburgers, taco seasonings, salsa, and Velveeta. You can make this on the stovetop or in a slow cooker. This stuff is insanely good! This stuff is great for tailgating! This dip could be a main dish. Great Mexican dip! ! This Killer Bean Dip is a must-have! It is so good! This was actually what we […]


Taco Hissy Fit Dip Recipe: You’ll throw a fit if this dip isn’t on your plate! Crazy good! Ground beef, taco seasoning and Rotel diced tomatoes with green chiles. Also includes sour cream. Velveeta, Muenster cheese, and Velveeta. Mix together and let cool in the refrigerator for up to a day. Serve with chips or vegetables! It’s always gone quickly! […]


My favorite appetizer is Maryland crab dip. This recipe is from years of eating Maryland Blue crab from Chesapeake Bay Maryland. It takes only minutes to prepare, 30 minutes in the oven and is delicious. This recipe is even better than my top seafood recipe lemon and herb Shrimp. That’s a big deal!

Yum Yum Sauce

Make your favorite Japanese steakhouse sauce at home. It’s as easy as pie. Yum Yum Sauce is a condiment that you most likely have tried if you’ve ever eaten in a Japanese hibachi or steakhouse. You probably remember it if you had it. It’s the creamy, sweet, and tangy sauce you drizzled on your steak, rice or noodles, […]

Black Bean Corn and Feta “Ugly Dip”

A dip that people love is black beans, corn, and Feta When you look at all the vibrant colors the hearty ingredients in this dish produce, you might wonder why it is called “Ugly Dip”. We don’t mean to say that dip isn’t always the first thing people think of when they think of pretty food. Dip […]

Super Easy Hawaiian Dip Recipe

This sweet and savory Hawaiian dip is yours today! When it comes to pineapple and pork, most people have strong opinions. It’s either something you love or not. I am a pro-pineapple, ham, or Canadian bacon fan. It’s sweet and tangy mixed with salty and savory. That combination is my favorite! This dip is for you if you like […]

Famous Fried Pickle Dip Recipe

We love a good dip, if you have been around for a while. Savory dips, sweet dips, creamy dips, and saucy dips. We don’t discriminate and will happily eat all of them. A good dip is the perfect choice for any occasion, whether it’s a game day, a backyard party, or just a casual evening at home. This fried […]

Spinach and Artichoke Dip Soup

You’ll want some crusty bread to dip into this stuff! You could be the most ardent veggie hater in the world and we’re pretty positive you’ll fall head over heels after you take the first bite. This soup is based off of our favorite, classic dip, cheesy spinach and artichoke dip. Oh man, you could […]