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Delmonico Potatoes

They are just too cheesy! Let me first say that Delmonico Potatoes sounds far more extravagant than the dish itself. Because this dish only hashbrowns with cheese sauce. It is homemade cheese sauce, so it’s not about shortcuts. But, I can guarantee you it feels special, even if you only take one bite. It’s perfect as a side dish or […]

Haitian Beef Patties

These are very popular. It is rare that I meet a hand pie or dumpling that I don’t like. A delicious filling in a pocket is something that almost everyone loves. This recipe for Haitian beef patties, also known as pate haitien (or Haitian patties), is a Caribbean classic. Flaky pastry is filled with a spicy beef mixture. These […]

A Classic Mexican Recipe: Poblano Sour Cream Enchiladas

It is rich and creamy with mild heat. I love enchiladas. They are delicious with red sauce and shredded beef, chicken and mole, and cheese with salsa verde. They would be great on a train and in the rain. I’d love to have them as a snack. These Poblano Sour Cream Enchiladas have a delicious creamy flavor with […]