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Pig Pickin’ Cake

This traditional Southern favorite is one sweet treat. A “pig pickin’” is a tradition in the American South – a big party where a whole pig is roasted and served up for family and friends. It’s quite an event and one that all participants, from guests to cooks, take a great deal of pride in. […]

Blueberry Gooey Butter Cake

Holy smokes, this stuff is ooey gooey and amazing! You don’t even know what greatness is coming your way with this recipe. Buckle up and get ready. Have you had butter cake before? If not, that’s something that needs to remedied immediately, but we’re going to take things one step further: blueberry gooey butter cake. […]

Chewy Walnut Crinkle Cookies

Crinkle cookies are always such a fun baking project because they come out with these gorgeous sugary cracks and crevices, and they come in so many different flavors, from ginger to chocolate, and in this case, walnut. We love a good cookie, and we especially love this chewy walnut crinkle cookie. They make a lovely […]

New Orleans Pralines

New Orleans pralines are a classic southern-style candy that couldn’t be easier to make right in your own kitchen. It’s storied history dates back to the French colonial history of the American South, where, over time, local ingredients (like sugar) and creative modifications (adding cream) have given us the candy as we know it today. […]

Cheesy Spinach And Bacon Quiche

If there’s a quintessential brunch dish it is without question a quiche. This lovely pie filled with eggs, cheese, and vegetables is a timeless classic. The egg and cheese combination is the perfect backdrop for a wide variety of fillings. While it’s super convenient to just pick one up at the grocery store, it’s actually […]

Strawberry Galette

Impress friends and family with this classic strawberry dessert! Doesn’t this strawberry galette look absolutely mouth-watering? It’s simple, rustic, and yet undeniably sweet with a savory, buttery crust that holds it all together. For those unfamiliar with galettes, they are a French pastry of sorts. Galette is more of a broad term referring to the […]