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Country Style Green Beans with Red Potatoes

These green beans and potatoes are a spectacular dish. I have been making them for years in large quantities for special events at my church. The smoked turkey tails make an excellent broth that is seasoned beyond words. Let the meat cook until it falls off the bone for the ultimate flavor, at least 2 […]

Easy Penuche Fudge

Don’t worry, we’ll explain how it’s pronounced…. While we’re still fully aboard the fudge train, making a point to try out as many varieties of the stuff as we can get our hands on, there’s a slightly different version, a cousin to fudge, if you will, that we came across the other day. Penuche (pronounced: […]

Arkansas Possum Pie

A cool and creamy sweet layered treat. The name ‘Arkansas Possum Pie’ might strike fear into your heart, but rest assured it doesn’t contain any actual possum. Rather, some people surmise that the name comes from the fact that the pie is pretending to be something its not – playing possum, if you will – […]