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Pick A Crystal – Find Out What It Reveals For You

Did you know that you are subconsciously drawn to the crystals you need in life? Take a look at the following picture and pick one crystal. The one you choose and feel attracted to at the moment tells a lot about your current situation in life. Pick Crystal The One You Choose Says A Lot […]

Can You Solve These Easy Math Problems?

Mathematics is rightly considered the queen of all sciences as thanks to mathematics people managed to send rockets into space and, thanks to the calculations and interdisciplinary approach, dieticians learned how to work out how many calories you need to consume for a particular body build and mass. Of course, today we are not going […]

Update: Baby born without skin prepped for major surgery

Friday is a big day for a little Ja’bari Gray, the baby born without skin. Earlier this week, Ja’bari Gray was prepped for a surgery where doctors are expected to open his eyes and cover the parts his body missing skin with skin grown in a lab from Ja’bari’s very own cells, according to Fox26. A couple from […]

Dad Punches Infant Baby To Death And Leaves Body In Car

Antoine Petty, 33, killed his own two-month-old child. The Maryland father pleaded guilty to punching his son and then left him for dead in a car. Petty later returned and buried the infant’s body behind a school. Petty had punched his son when his wife, Geneice Petty, 24, had been unable to stop him from […]

Parents prove ‘upside’ of Down syndrome by sharing photos of beautiful twins

Unfortunately, not every child is born physically or mentally flawless—some babies may be born with some conditions that may affect their development into adulthood. Nevertheless, they remain perfect in their parents’ eyes! Twins Charlie and Milo McConnel were born with Down syndrome. Down syndrome is the result of a tripling—instead of a doubling—of a specific chromosome. […]